Pretty Bird Paintings

About Me~

( ^ My beautiful pineapple green cheek conure, Peatree)

Hello Everybirdie! My name is Maddy, I am a young bird loving artist. I started painting and drawing for other people in March 2011. I started by having people post pictures of their bird online, and then I would post a picture of their drawing. My first drawings weren't all that great, but I thought they were great at the time, and the friends I did them for told me that they loved them. I did my first canvas painting on May 24th 2011, it was a painting of my green cheek conure, Peatree. I was very happy with it, and I decided that I wanted to keep at it, and be an artist. So I kept on doing the free drawings, and in November 2011, I sold my first piece of art. They were two colored pencil drawings, on normal computer paper. They were fall portraits of a bluejay and macaw. I only got $3 (That's all I asked for), but I was thrilled. I have one of those dollars framed with the thank you card I got. I'm happy I saved one of them! In December 2011, I got my first canvas order. It was an 8x10 in acrylic paint of an amazon on a candy cane swing. You can see it here~ If I was thrilled when I sold colored pencil paper portraits, you can imagine how happy I was with that.

 In Feb. 2012, someone posted pictures of feather paintings they saw online. I thought that was such a cool idea, I tried it. My first feather painting was awful, just awful!  (Okay, I thought it was amazing when I did it. :P) After doing a few other feathers, they got better.

 Today, I'm way better than I was before. I still keep my first few paintings on my wall, as reminders of how far I've come.

 I would like to thank my birds for being my beautiful models, my supporters, and my awesome customers! I wouldn't be here without you guys!